Bubble Bliss
Bubble Bliss
Bubble Bliss
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Bubble Bliss

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Experience the playful charm of Bubble Bliss.

This unique bubble candle adds a touch of fun and elegance to any space with its distinctive design.

As it burns, Bubble Bliss transforms your surroundings into a cozy haven, casting a gentle, soothing light.

Perfect for any occasion, this candle is a delightful addition to your home decor, bringing a sense of joy and relaxation with every flicker.

Light up Bubble Bliss and let its warm glow create a magical atmosphere in your home.

Handmade with natural soy wax and Australian made fragrance oils, our eco-friendly candles will deceive onlookers with their beauty.

Comes in three different colours and two glitter options if you are looking for that little bit of sparkle in your life.

Our candle is individually hand poured in small batches in our Candle Studio in Sydney. Each piece is unique and is packaged with biodegradable & eco-friendly packaging. 


5.8cm (L) x 5.8cm (W) x 5.5cm (H)