SHE Candle - Citrus Crush
SHE Candle - Citrus Crush
SHE Candle - Citrus Crush
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SHE Candle - Citrus Crush

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SHE is bold, SHE is beautiful and SHE has curves in all the right places!

Our SHE candles are about celebrating the beauty, strength and diversity of women.

SHE is inspired by the beauty of the female body. 

SHE is confident and stands at 10cm tall and 6cm wide.

SHE is made from an all natural palm wax and SHE comes in all your favourite fragrances you know and love. 


We’ve got major heart eyes for this fragrance. Lemon and lime come together to create the perfect citrus scent that keeps you wanting more. The fresh flavour of lemongrass and the soft aromas of jasmine and rosewood meet and mingle — just like you and your childhood sweetheart used to on the playground.

Top Notes: Lime Vest & Lemon Peel

Middle Notes: Lemongrass & Jasmine

Base Notes: Vanilla Bean & Rosewood

Warning: Burn on a heat proof dish, ensure that she is supervised when lit. Avoid moving your lit candle. Keep out of reach of children and pets, and handle her with care.