Trio - Sand Wax Vases
Trio - Sand Wax Vases
Trio - Sand Wax Vases
Trio - Sand Wax Vases
Trio - Sand Wax Vases
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Trio - Sand Wax Vases

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Elevate your home decor with the natural beauty of our Trio Sand Wax Vases. 

These unique pieces are expertly handcrafted, combining premium wax with natural sand textures to create a stunning visual and tactile experience.

Each vase boasts intricate details and a rustic charm that complements any interior style. Our Sand Wax Vases bring a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your living space.

Durable and versatile, these vases are perfect for adding a sophisticated, earthy element to your home decor.

Choose from four different coloured waxes and over 10 fragrances. 

Did you know? 

Sand wax has a granular sand like consistency - simply pour your sand wax into your vases place the wick inside and you are ready to go.

Sand wax can be reused just by placing another wick inside.

Your vases will come with 20 spare wicks for your convenience. 

Approx 3kgs of Sand Wax 

Three Vases - sizes listed below:

15cm, 26cm and 40cm