Pregnant SHE Candle Vanilla Islands
Pregnant SHE Candle Vanilla Islands
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Pregnant SHE Candle Vanilla Islands

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Baby shower coming up? 

Impress the new mother to be with a beautiful unique gift that she will absolutely love. 

Our pregnant SHE candle is such a special way to commemorate the exciting journey of motherhood and pregnancy. 

SHE stands at 10cm tall and 6cm wide, SHE is inspired by the beauty of the pregnant female body. 

SHE is made from an all natural palm wax and SHE comes in all your favourite fragrances you know and love.

Come take a trip to the Vanilla Islands. A group of islands in the south-western Indian Ocean, this scent is the perfect getaway for your senses. Creamy, dreamy (and a little bit steamy) this is no ordinary vanilla candle. Buttermilk and vanilla bean are joined by the slight touch of aniseed and pineapple for that tropical flare.


Top Notes: Aniseed & Pineapple

Middle Notes: Buttermilk & Coconut

Base Notes: Vanilla Bean & Malt

Warning: Burn on a heat proof dish, ensure that she is supervised when lit. Avoid moving your lit candle. Keep out of reach of children and pets, and handle her with care.