Wax Melts
Wax Melts
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Wax Melts

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The most beautiful way to fragrance your space and create a tranquil mood is with the use of candles. An easy alternative to candles and the most increasingly popular way to rejuvenate your home is with soy wax melts. 

Sparkle & Co boasts a voluminous range of soy wax melts to create the perfect ambience and mood in your space. With this fabulous alternative to candles, you'll experience a slow, enduring aroma release, filling your home with your desired fragrance.

Made with a high quality natural soy wax and fragrances, our melts are remarkably easy to use. 

Simply place melt on top of an oil burner, make sure the burner is deep enough to contain the melt after it has liquified. 

When you want to increase the scent you're enjoying, add another melt to your warmer. Best of all you can easily swap the fragrance as often as you like. When you would like a change allow the melt to harden, then slide out of your burner. 

You may need to run the burner under some warm water to heat up a little then the melt should easily slide off. 

Yes! you can save the used melt for another time.